6 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Time of COVID

6 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Time of COVID

Some of our patients have been asking for advice on how to stay healthy during this time. If you are interested, check out 6 Ways to Stay Healthy below.

1.) Stay Active
There are endless benefits to exercise, from boosting your mood to boosting your immune system. While gyms may be closed, there are plenty of ways to stay active while social distancing. Be sure to check out some of the many beautiful hiking or biking trails in the Bay Area. Alternatively, you can invest in some home workout equipment like bands, kettle bells, or a TRX to name a just a few.

2.) Reduce Stress
Stress significantly weakens our immune system. There are many different ways to reduce stress. One of them is to set aside time to relax. Whether it be taking a few minutes to meditate each morning, writing in a journal, or ending your day with a bath, make sure you that you reserve time in your day to slow down, breathe, and unwind.

3.) Eat Healthy Foods
We know that eating healthy foods helps give us energy and control our weight. But, did you know that eating healthy can boost your immune system and help you fight disease, as well? Food is the best medicine. Make sure you are consuming a balanced diet consisting of nutrient-dense whole foods. Some vital nutrients to focus on to boost immunity are Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Zinc, and Beta-Carotene.

4.) Take Care of Your Mental Health
Many people are feeling lonely, overwhelmed, anxious, and depressed during this time. Your mental health is just as important as your physical, so make sure to prioritize your mental wellness just as much as your physical wellness. During this time, it is important to keep in touch with your loved ones and talk to them about your concerns or feelings. Maybe, take on a new hobby to break up the monotony. Take a break from the news, which is rarely positive and can be overwhelming. Lastly, get help from a licensed professional if you need to.

5.) Get adequate sleep
Sleep is important for brain function, athletic performance, and even your immune system. Your immune system ramps up while you sleep, so even a small loss of sleep has been shown to reduce immune function. Sleep requirements vary from person to person. But, as a general guideline, try to get between 7-9 hours of sleep each night to stay healthy.

6.) Visit Your Chiropractor
Helping you to feel better is our primary goal here at Oakbay Chiropractic, whether it be by helping to decrease your pain or helping to maintain your overall health. As a bonus, there is a direct link between the health of your spine and your immune system. As you improve the health of your spine through spinal manipulation, the central nervous system is improved and your immune system is boosted. Schedule your appointment with us here or give us a call at (510) 654-8547.

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